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Special Edition: SUPER RAFFLE 2019

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And the Winners of the Saint Michael Catholic School 2019 Super Raffle Are:

$7,000 - Grand Prize winner - Becky Steele

The winning ticket sold was by the Brunk Family!

$2,000 - 2nd Prize winner - Sean Wolf

$1,000 - 3rd Prize winner - Tom Walton

$500 - 4th Prize winner - Annie Richards

$250 - 5th Prize winner - Knowles Family

$150 - 6th Prize winner - Jonathan Royce

Congratulations to the Saunders Family for selling the most tickets... a new record: 65!!!

After cash prizes were drawn, Father Justin raffled off some of his Dell'Amore sauce to those in attendance.

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Thank you everyone for coming out last night.

Monsignor Rand was surely smiling last night

as Rand Hall, named in his honor, was bustling with activity

from his much loved Saint Michael parishioners, families, and school children!

We are so grateful to the men and women who helped to prepare our meal last night.

Thank you to the Knights of Columbus and staff of St. Brigid's Kitchen for your heroic efforts to get everyone fed. Both the SMS kitchen and St Brigid's were warming bread and cooking pasta as fast as those stoves could manage. No photos were taken, there was just too much going on behind the scenes but please know that we are so grateful to you. You all were incredible!

We are thrilled to share with everyone that we sold all 1,000 tickets this year.

Thank you to everyone for your generous support of Saint Michael School.

If you followed our Facebook page or spent any time in the office, you know that we had a constant tally of tickets coming in and going out for sale this past week. It was very exciting!

As yesterday morning arrived, we only had 23 tickets left, who wants one???

A few unsold tickets would get turned back in (ok, now up to 28 tickets)

and then a lovely parishioner would stop by the office, or an alumni would call to purchase a few. Back down to 23!

Then a phone call came in from a beloved priest from the Diocese... "I'll take 4," he says!

Fr Justin's change was counted by our 6th grade class and two more tickets were purchased.

We received two last minute calls at around 5pm for the purchase of 4 more tickets...

One of our parishioners bought a ticket as she arrived for dinner...

12 tickets left... time to open the doors and welcome our guests for dinner.

Oh well, it's ok! We put up a really great fight. Our families did a fantastic job this year! We were so pleased.

And then, because God is so good, and because He is fond of the number 12, a beautiful angel donor stepped up and purchased the remaining tickets!

We thank everyone for your involvement this year.

The cost to educate a student at Saint Michael School far exceeds what we charge our families for tuition. We truly rely upon this fundraiser to help offset those costs.

Through the support of all our local parishes, friends, families, coworkers, neighbors and so on, we were able to sell all 1,000 tickets. Hallelujah!

On behalf of all of our amazing students, THANK YOU!

We are here for you

Questions? Thoughts? Suggestions?

Please reach out. We LOVE to hear from our families!

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