College Scavenger Hunt

7th Grade


Now that you have found a career that interests you, it's time to explore some local colleges and technical schools that may help you get the training or degree required for your career. Using one of the links below, you will complete a college scavenger hunt and answer questions about the college of your choosing. Copy and paste the questions into the comments section, and when you have answered all of the questions, submit the comment.



Caldwell Community College ( )

Appalachian State University ( )

Guilford Technical Community College ( )

East Carolina University ( )

Elizabeth City State University ( )

Fayetteville State University ( )

North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University ( )

North Carolina Central University ( )

North Carolina State University ( )

UNC-Asheville ( )

UNC ( )

UNC-Charlotte ( )

UNC-Greensboro ( )

UNC-Pembroke ( )

UNC-Wilmington ( )

UNC-School of Arts ( )

Western Carolina University ( )

Winston-Salem State University ( )

List of technical schools (with links to websites)


1. How many people go to this college/institution?

2. Is it a private or public college?

3. How much is tuition?

4. What is the percentage of women who go to this college/institution?

5. What is the percentage of men who go to this college/institution?

6. What kind of degree can you get from this school?

7. What is the mascot?

8. What is the name of the admissions building?

9. What is the name of the library?

10. What time of year do you need to apply?

11. What is the course of study there that you might be interested in?

12. How many years will it take you to graduate from the program you would be in?