doTERRA tidbits

July 21, 2014

Hello Team

Our vacation is over and I'm back into my "normal" routine. However, summer is far from over. I hope you all are enjoying your summer and the change of pace that comes with it.

Some of you are receiving this note from me for the first time. I try to send out an email to folks who are enrolled on my team each Monday. I want to encourage you to use your oils, learn more about them, and share them with others

doTERRA's compensation plan

Have you found the compensation plan confusing? This 13 minute video helps. Even if you aren't "doing" doTERRA to earn money, I suggest you watch it. You may think of someone else you know who is looking for a creative way to earn an income.

A presidential thought...

James and Roxane Bybee are Presidential Diamonds with doTERRA, and Roxanne shared this thought in the Spring 2014 issue of doTERRA essential leadership,

"I feel like balance is a myth. Our expectations of what balance is, is basically that we want to stay in our comfort zone. Do you really think that people who have succeeded at this had all these little time slots all perfectly aligned in their life? I was busy before doTERRA and so was James. We had no time. Life will always feel busy. You just choose where you put your busyness."