Cube Creator

Organizing and Summarizing Writing

What is Cube Creator?

Cube Creator is an interactive activity where students summarize information post-reading or organizing information pre-writing or both! It helps students to synthesize what they have learned and organize their writing using appropriate elements and structure.

In this activity, students have the option of choosing a mystery cube, biography cube, story cube, or designing their own cube. Each cube is specifically design to incorporate the appropriate elements of each kind of story. Once students have answered the questions on the cube, students can then print out the cube to cut and form. This will act as a visual reference for students to have while they are writing.

How Can Cube Creator be Used in the Classroom?

Cube Creator can be used in a couple different ways. First, Cube Creator can be used as a summarizing tool for reading. When teachers want to assess students understanding and comprehension of a book that they've just read, this would be a great tool to use. Secondly, Cube Creator could also be used to organize their writing either from a book they've read or if they are creating their own original story. Cube Creator is helpful for students because it allows them to get all the important elements of the story written down and organized and also provides a visual tool they can refer back to as they continue drafting their story. Cube Creator is an interactive way for students to stayed in engaged in focused in organizing their thoughts during reading and writing.


Cube creator was very easy to use and kid-friendly. The options are easy to identify and navigate for students. This is an activity students would be able to accomplish on their own. The graphics and layout of the site is also aesthetically pleasing to the viewer.

Where do I Find Cube Creator?

This activity is from the readthinkwrite organization that is part of the International Reading Association. has many other great tools for teachers and students to use. The Cube Creator activity is completely free and accessible to anyone.