All Things Spring

Haute Dots, Stelletto Squad and Signature Haute Dots

Hello Ladies!

Spring has sprung and if you don't mind me using a little play on words, your teams are in FULL BLOOM!! WOW is all I can say for March!! Sales, bookings, promotions, quick start earners, glam earners, new stylists and the list just goes on and on so let's get started with all the recognition and news!!

I'd like to thank your fabulous leaders who bring all great things together and keep business running smoothly with their dedication and compassion for their teams!! Rene Kauder of the Signature Haute Dots, Annette Warnick, Signature Haute Dots, Patricia Carlile, Haute Dots and Wendy Ayer, Stelletto Squad. I am so grateful for you!! Your teams are on fire!!!! I can't wait to see what happens between now and Hoopla, especially with the new line coming out for Summer!!

Your Happily Accessorized Leader,

Jackie Rowland


Signature Haute Dots: Rene Kauder

Cyndi Beamer

Kimberly Rieara

Sponsor: Rene Kauder

Adrianna Markowitz

Sponsor: Sheila Markowitz

Jennifer Borges

Sponsor: Adrianna Markowitz

Jennifer Hagenmayer

Sponsor: Adrianna Markowitz

Alison Wehri

Sponsor: Leslie Borkenhagen

Christina Landsman

Sponsor: Tracy Baschke

Stelletto Squad: Wendy Ayer

Sarah Hirabayashi

Sponsor: Lisa Giles

Nicole Schwanger

Sponsor: Wendy Ayer

Shelbi Tiroux

Sponsor: Courtney Tucker

Melanie Gallagher

Sponsor: Anna Bosch

Haute Dots/Signature Haute Dots: Annette Warnick and Patricia Carlile:

Minky Wheeler

Sponsor: Annette Warnick

A very warm welcome to all of you as you begin your great journey with Stella and Dot!! We are so happy that you have joined our team/s!!!

I'd like to give a huge shout out to some Stylists from the Stelletto Squad this month for amazing growth, sales, sponsoring and you name it!!

Lisa Giles, you moved clear across the Country and we talked a couple months ago and I was so excited that you were close to Rene Kauder and her team and I'm so happy that you have joined them for their team meetings and congratulations on your re-promotion to Sr. Stylist. Your team is on fire!! Courtney Tucker.....I am seeing your name over and over and I'm so happy for your success!! Your team is growing like crazy and congrats on your promotion this month to Sr. Stylist!!! Your enthusiasm is contagious ladies. You are great leaders for your teams. Anna Bosch; you were top in new qualified stylists and congrats on your promotion to lead stylist....your team is also growing!!! I congratulate all of your team, each and every one of you on your great launches and sharing the love of jewelry and this career with others!! Your hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed!!! Huge kudos to Wendy Ayer for all the leadership and training she has provided here in the Northwest and across the Country to all of you ladies!! To your entire team, my best always!!

Most of these ladies are brand new with just being in the business a few months and have truly "made it happen!" For this; I'd like to give you a special virtual shout out and round of applause!!

Hats off to all of the Stellettos for such enthusiasm and dedication to their businesses!!!


Lisa Giles, Senior Stylist

Courtney Tucker, Senior Stylist

Anna Bosch, Lead Stylist

Nora Cumberbatch,Lead Stylist

Rachel Jones, Lead Stylist

Sheila Markowitz, Lead Stylist

Pamela Wimmer, Lead Stylist


Amy Bosco, Felicia Rosenthal, Michelle Panczyszyn, Tracy Baschke, Rene Kauder, Megan Love, Nicole Kupchik, Denise Bryan, Wendy Ayer, Jami Baker, Jennifer Knoblich, Sarah Snyder, Amanda Whiting, Lisa Giles, Michelle Giles, Dawn Pryde, Tori Smith, Sarah Hirabayashi, Ann Bosch, Melanie Gallagher, Dorothy Wahl, Leslie Borkenhagen, Joelly Belman, Pamela Wimmer, Deanne Kasim, Sheila Markowitz, Kisha Richards, Nicole Barton, Annette Warnick, Patricia Carlile and Jacquelynn Rowland.

The Summer Capsule Collection debuts tomorrow and I've captured some great modeling from our team!!


Congratulations to our top ten for all teams for the month of March!!!!!!!!

CourtneyTucker $5020.30

Kristin Sedgwick Peoples $4,123.00

Rene Kauder $3436.00

Marie Franco $3267.00

Laurie Paz $3098.90

Karli Graves $2907.00

Wendy Ayer $2845.59

Anna Bosch $2618.00

Jami Baker $2370.50

Jennifer Knoblich $2332.00

Amy Bosco $2331.80

Top in Qualified Stylists:

Anna Bosch 2

Helene Defilippo 1

Rene Kauder 1

Joelly Belman 1

Sheila Markowitz 1

Courtney Tucker 1

Let's talk Qualified!!! Give yourself a pat on the back for working your business whether it was part-time, full did it!!!! You shared the love of jewelry!!

Joelly Belman $5238.51

Courtney Tucker $5020.30

Kristin Sedgwick Peoples $4,123.00

Rene Kauder $3436.00

Marie Franco $3267.00

Laurie Paz $3098.90

Karli Graves $2907.00

Wendy Ayer $2845.59

Anna Bosch $2,618.00

Jami Baker $2370.50

Jennifer Knoblich $2332.00

Amy Bosco $2331.80

Annette Warnick $2331.00

Pamela Wimmer $2105.35

Lisa Giles $1964.18

Rachel Jones $1912.63

Jennifer Judge $1657.00

Jennifer Rainey $1608.04

Dawn Pryde $1575.40

Kisha Brown-Richards $1521.60

Cassandra Joyner $1350.00

Stephanie Hollander $1326.24

Megan Love $1305.10

Tanya Johnson $1180.50

Jacquelynn Rowland $1124.50

Heidi Glennon $1076.17

Lisa Paxson $1063.00

Patricia Carlile $1004.00

Deanne Kasim $883.00

Amy Doherty $833.40

Jesse Stacey $696.50

Nicole Kupchik $693.00

Sarah Power $682.31

Tori Smith $632.81

Andrea Weinberger $627.40

Nora Cumberbatc $584.00

Melinda Beck $578.35

Michelle Giles $564.00

Caitlin Scott $556.00

Sheila Markowitz $552.00

Mary Kurtenbach $538.60

Amanda Sallee $508.60

Jennipher Hagenmayer, $501.20

News from Rene.......and the Signature Haute Dots!!

Top Ten in Sales and Qualifed for the Signature Haute Dots:

Joelly Belman $5238.51; Rene Kauder, $3436.00; Adrianna Markowitz, $2486.50; Pamela Wimmer, $2105.35; Jennifer Judge, $1657.00; Kisha Brown-Richards, $1521.60; Marisa Levin, $1264.00; Leslie Borkenhagen, 1203.20; Deanne Kasim, $883.00; Tracy Baschke, $753.40; Nora Cumberbatch, $584.00; Sheila Markowitz, $552.00 and Jennipher Hagenmayer, $501.20

Earned their Consistency Reward!

Joelly Belman

Sheila Markowitz

Rene Kauder

Pamela Wimmer

Tracy Baschke


Congrats to our new lead stylists in March: Pamela Wimmer, Nora Cumberbatch, Leslie Borkenhagen, and Adianna Markowitz.


Danielle got us fired up earlier this month when she came to Baltimore for Bootcamp. Congrats to Joelly, Kisha and Sheila who were able to spend an entire day with this fabulous lady! Thanks to everyone who made it out - These boot camps are great for training and motivation!

(See two attached pictures above)

Congrats Joelly for being a Stellar Seller and racking up the free product credits during March Madness.

Congrats to Leslie Borkenhagen who earned 2 Jump Start Rewards, a Quick Start Reward, sponsored and promoted to Lead Stylist all with in her first 60 days!

Congrats to Adrianna Markowitz who earned 2 Jump Start Rewards, a Quick Start Reward, sponsored 2 people and promoted to Lead Stylist all within her first 30 days!

CONGRATS GLAM EARNERS....LEVEL ONE.....Wendy Ayer, Courtney Tucker, Anna Bosch and Joelly Belman!!


You don't want to be left out of the sure to go to your lounge and read all about these great promotions. You can find it all on the main page...just click on the box and you will find pdf and jpegs for the internet. Be sure to print out the info for your shows and be sure to stay informed of the product alerts, too!! Your lounge is a great resource that you can can access 24/7.

Happy Mother's Day!!

Mother's Day will be here soon so who do you know that would love to get Stella from their Spouse, kids or significant is the time to prospect. I love my gift service. I order, have it shipped to me so I can wrap it and have it all ready for the customer. They return over and over because it's easy and convenient. Try it!!
In closing, I hope that you enjoyed the newsletter. This is your newsletter, so please be sure to let me know if there's something special you'd like added or each month, you are welcome to submit anything to me. I do my best to not leave anyone out, misspell a name, etc. but as much as I try, it seems it does happen and I do apologize in advance for that. I keep all the info in a folder until time to submit the next month's. So submit away. Thank you again for a great March and my best to you all as we head our way into April with this amazing launch of new items, specials and more excitement than we can almost handle. Be sure to attend your local meetings and Summer launches, too!! I will be on the road to Seattle tomorrow for the Bellevue meeting! Portland is next Monday and I know that East Coast is tomorrow night, too!! It's always great times to get together and even more fun when there are new products, too!! Happy Selling ladies and remember.....noone ever has enough jewelry!! It's a fact!!!! Now with all these totes and travel accessories....our businesses are going to soar!!!

Big hugs from Jackie!!

Live, Laugh, Love and Sparkle!!