Federal Court Systems

By: Megan McAbee

How Federal Court Systems work?

I arrived in my car at the district court, staring out the window thinking how my life ended up this way. As I walked into the courthouse, people stared at me.. this was my first original jurisdiction. We continued to speak about my case of rear-ending a woman at a stop light. The court of appeals decided I was guilty. My US attorney looked at with a sympathetic gaze. The circuit of which the US court of appeals is located gave me heebie jeebies. I was terrified. Apparently, my case wasn't so "important" so the judge remanded my case.My case was sent to an appleated jurisdiction so they could hear my case from a lower court system. My attorney had his own opinion about the case and so did the jury, but on my end I just sat back and watched the fight of my case continue. My attorney offered a precedent so it could help me win my case and prove me innocent. My attorney went on about some Life Term he spoke of to the judge who held the office for as long as he pleased. I looked over at the magistrate judge with pleading eyes to please let me go home to my family and friends but the US Marshall came up behind me, surprising me putting me in handcuffs.