Mobile Application for your business

Thinking to have mobile app to promote your business? We are the Expert that you're looking for. mAPPS is our new product can help you to spread your business from customer to their friends in a blink.

The Features that can help spread your business:

  • Galleries - dont forget to put pictures to show your customer what you have.
  • Contact and Share buttons - only need one click to make a call or share the app via email, Facebook, twitter, or phone number
  • GPS Maps - your address and maps will be on the apps and just need one click to the maps to get direction to your business address.
  • Profile page - the page for information that you want to share with everyone
  • navigation menu - 3 ready-custom types of navigation menu to make it look cool.
  • custom news - add posts, news, or services to let your customer know whats new
  • RSS feed - the app will pull your news RSS feed from your website
  • colors and fonts - choose your favourite colors and fonts
  • share me - you can share mAPPS on any website to let people share it with their friend
  • QR code - just scan the code and everything in the hand
  • Reservation form - people just fill up reservation and u will get it in your email
  • visitor analytics - Check out how fast the spreading of your apps


mAPSS is a solution for your business marketing in technology world. Everyone can share your business app via sms, email, Facebook, twitter and pinterest. With mAPPS on customer's mobile makes your business always connected to your customer.

What's inside