Google Clock in Chrome

Get reminders from your Chrome Browser.

Google Extensions

Google Extensions are extra features that can be added to your chrome browser to add functionality and productivity while using chrome. One of the extensions available is Google Clock. Google Clock allows you to open a clock in your browser and set reminders with sound that will alert you at a specific time.

Adding Google Clock to your Chrome Browser

To add Google Clock open a chrome Browser, by going to start, Google Chrome. Chrome will open. If you are not signed into chrome, sign in using your Round Rock ISD gmail sign in. Click on the Chrome Controls and Customization icon as shown below.
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When you click on the google control icon, a window will appear, click on Settings. On the left hand side, click on Extensions. A window will open that shows all the extensions currently installed on your chrome browser. At the bottom, click on More Extensions.

Search for Google Clock

When the Chrome Extensions window opens, you will see many different extensions available to add to your chrome browser. You can also search for extensions. Type in Google Clock to find the clock extension. If you want to browse other clocks, type in clock and browse through different clock extensions. To add clock for Google Chrome, click Add to Chrome.
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Setting Reminders

  1. To set a reminder start by labeling your reminder.
  2. Attach a sound to your reminder by choosing one from the Sound drop down menu. No sound is the default.
  3. Set the time for your reminder.
  4. To repeat the reminder click on the repeat button. You will be given the choice to repeat every day or just certain days.
  5. Click on Add New Reminder to save.

For More Information

Visit the Google Clock Website for more details and help with Google Clock.