toms globalization

by justice McMillan and Gavin young

What is the purpose of the company?

the purpose is that they went to help stop bullying, give 30 Haitians jobs to design shoes in Haiti.

What they sell and What are they all about.

They sell shoes, sunglasses, bags, apparel,and accessories and they want to give people thing that they need to surive

How does inflation impact the company?

If the cost for the materials go up they will have to sell them for more to get profit if shipping is heightened they will have to sell the product for less so people will still buy them.

What kind of economic system (Market, Command, Mixed, or Traditional) does that company work best with? Why?

Market because the business depends on supply and demand.

Market because the business depends on supply and demand.

It spreads the word that they are helping people by supping with things they don't have like water and shoes. And allows them to get there products shipped around the world

Does this company exemplify the positive or negative impacts of globalization? Why?

Positive because there using it to help people and not just to get money.

Ultimately, should people buy products from the company?