Death Cloud by: Andrew Lane

By: Gracie Darter

Character Analysis

Sherlock Holmes is a 14 year-old boy and is the main character of Death Cloud. Sherlock is a very bright young man but has a curiosity that could end up killing him. He always has to know everything before he leaves the subject alone! In this novel, he goes on a thrilling adventure that puts him in a large amount of danger, but he gains some friends along the way. Sherlock looks up to his older brother but struggles this entire novel with trying to understand why Microft sent him away. Sherlock grows through out the novel and now he continues to mature for the better.


Sherlock Holmes- Read about Sherlock above!

Mycroft Holmes- Sherlock's older brother he also works for the London government.

Matty Arnatt- Sherlock's new and only friend in Farnham. Matty is an orphan and has no permanent home.

Amyus Crowe- A hunter and tracker who helps Sherlock with his school work during the summer. Crowe has a daughter, Virginia Crowe.

Virginia Crowe- Amyus Crowe's daughter and friend of Sherlock Holmes.


Exposition: Sherlock gets sent to his relatives against his will and meets a new friends named Matty. Sherlock also meets his tutor, Amyus Crowe.

Rising Action: Sherlock finds the mysterious "death cloud" and becomes very intrigued. He tells Matty, and Crowe (his tutor)about the cloud. At this point he meets Crowe's daughter Virginia. Sherlock begins his adventure on digging into the cause of two different deaths cause by the "cloud".

Climax: Sherlock gets a little too rapped up in the investigation and gets captured and taken prisoner. You hang on to the edge of your seat while you are flying down this thrilling ride!

Falling Action: Sherlock gets rescued by Matty and they escape. Sherlock has now discovered what he mystery cloud is!The cloud is made up of a substance bee's produce. Crowe, Matty and Sherlock set out to hold the men responsible for these death accountable.

Resolution: Sherlock tracks down the substance and the men responsible for the two murders. He holds them accountable for thier wrong doing. Sherlock even gets the girl, Virginia Crowe!


This novel takes place in Farnham, England. Sherlock doesn't permanently live here but gets sent to stay with some distant relatives during the summer term. In Farnham there is really nothing to do and it's just a small town outside of Surrey,England. The setting mostly stays the same throughout the novel and changes very sightly throughout. Towards the end they go to a larger city in England but not much is described of it.


Death Cloud is about a boy named Sherlock Holmes who gets sent away with some relatives over the summer and finds an adventure along the way. Sherlock finds a dead corpse in the woods and notices that there is a substance lingering around the corpse. Sherlock then discovers that others have fallen into the death because of this substance. This novel follows Sherlock around while him and Matty a friend he meets along the way go and try to find out what the mystery "cloud" is. Along the way Sherlock's teacher and teacher's daughter join in! This novel ends with Sherlock finding out what the "cloud' is and comes home a hero. Want to find out what the "Death Cloud" was? Then go read Death Cloud by Andrew Lane, only 310 pages!