Okanagan Explosion


Brother Surel, Father Pandosy, and Father Richard had arrived in the valley. Father Richard was the more practical of the three instead of teaching french and singing he taught the first nations how to make fences, plant fruit trees, and set up vineyards and help plant crops. 1860 Pierre Richard flied a request of a claim for per-exemption for the mission on the great lake.


  • 1859 Brother Surel, Father Pandosy, and Father Richard had arrived in the valley
  • The site they chose was called L'Anse au Sable
  • Born in 1826 Dies in 1907

Role of the Okanagan Fur Brigade Trail

The fur Brigade trail was the only way the early missionary were able to get to the valley and bring resources such as food and crop seeds

Early Europeon History

Early History

The missionary's all arrived in the Okanagan father Pandosy was teaching them about french and singing. The role that Father Richard played was the more practical of the three missionaries because he taught them important things such as how to build fences and irrigation of the vineyards and their crops.

Reasons for settlement

Their reason for settlement is that they were meant to describe the place they were going to settle for a future town and it was also for them to get in close with the first nations and with that they started building their town called Kelowna. it was important that they established a good relation ship with the natives so they could trade with the locals.

Early Accomplishments (Europe and North America)

When Pierre Richard finished the mission, and became a priest on march 11, 1854 and was sent he was 73 when he got assigned to his last mission, this was in Squamish and he died while he was there, he was 81 years old. Father Richard contributed a lot to the mission, and the early community

Legasy Today

There are many streets named after important people who had put together the Okonagon valley to what it is today. Mainly because they have had great contributions to the valley and have pulled a great distance in to give us a head start on our towns

Driving question: How did the early Europeans impact the growth of the Okanagan

The missionary have impacted the growth of the valley lots, they have set down the original plans for the valley and have led the gold miners into the valley and because of that they were able to stat building the town.

Interesting Facts

  1. Taught the locals how to set up orchards
  2. He was the first to grow grapes in the valley
  3. He died when he was 81