Brooke Bernett

Importance/what they do

  • Help people focus by blocking out other sounds
  • Used to cancel out sounds around you
  • Allow you to take music wherever you choose


1881- first headphones were used

  • used for telephone operators
  • single ear piece that rested on your shoulder
  • weighed 10 lbs


1895- Electrophone System

  • People were able to listen to local opera houses from in their own homes
  • Very pricey -
  • Looked like a stethoscope more than headphones

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Bose released their QuietComfort line

  • helped block out sound
  • mostly used so passengers could get relief on flights
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The ipod changed everything

  • 300 million ipod's and earbuds were sold from 2001 to today
  • They became very popular within the first few years


Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine joined forces and, along with Monster, created Beats by Dre headphones

  • Deep bass/sound blocker

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