By: Brielle S.

Land and Climate

The area of France is a little smaller then Texas. France has many plains, mountains, forests, farmland. The "neighbor" continents are Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and Belgium. The climate in southern France has very mild winters and starching hot summers. Northern and western France has very mild winters. That area also gets a lot of rain.

The French Language

In France everybody speaks in the French language. French is speaken not only in France but in 20 other countries. Here are some common words.

Hello- Bonjour- bone zhure

Good bye- au revoir- oh re vwahr

Please- s'il vous plait- seel voo play

Thank you- merci- mare see

No- non- noh

Their Religion

Most people, as in 64.2% of people in France are christian. The second most popular religion is Muslim, which is 7.9% of people. 0.7% of the people in France follow the Jewish religion. 0.7% of the people in France follow the religion of Buddhist. Other religion has 0.7 followers. 25.7% in France don't follow a religion.

Food and The Time They Eat Their Food

In France kids enjoy croissants and pains au chocolat. Pains au chocolat is a chocolate pastry. Some other common foods are bagguettes, cereal, and bread with jam. Their are many common times that people in France eat. Like that at 5 o'clock children eat a bigger snack, then at 7:30 or 8:00 they sit down and have a smaller dinner. For the small dinner they eat soups, salad, and bread. Or they will eat a smaller lunch and a bigger dinner depending on their parents work schedules.

Jobs and Ecomomy

One fun fact about their economy is that they have one of the worlds most powerful economies. France produces mainly milk, butter, cheese, wheat, and wine. Factories mainly produce clothing, machines, electronics, medicines, chemicals, and cars. Also many fashion designers live in France.

Celebrating Holidays

On New Years people give older family members flowers. On Christmas Eve kids leave their shoes by the fireplace for Santa to fill with goodies. On Christmas Eve families gather to eat turkey, baggettes, oysters, and raw snail meat. Also on Christmas Eve they eat frosting filled desserts. One of the biggest holidays in France is Bastille. That is celebrated on the 14th of July. That holiday celebrates the French Revolution.
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Their Recreation

In France "football" is really what we call soccer, that is the most popular sport.The soccer team in France won the 1998 world cup. They also play rugby, tennis, and judo. They also do some activities like going biking, hiking, skiing, fishing and sailing. A traditional game is petanque, that is lawn bowling. Some games both girls and boys play at school are "the wolf" a tag game, dodge ball, and hide-and-seek. If you want to know what they do alone the girls jump rope, and the boys play marbles. Out of school activities that girls go to are take dance or gymnastics. Boys play "football", handball, or rugby.
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School For Kids

Normally kids start school at age six. If your kid wants to they can get an earlier learning and could start preschool at age three. If you are in any grade you have Wednesday afternoon off but then you have school on Saturday morning. Sadly you have no chose if you want Wednesday afternoon off or not. You go to elementary school for five years. High school is called secondary and middle school is called college. With both of those schools combined is seven years. At age 18 students go to a university and take a really hard exam. That exam is called the baccalaureat or bac. If students don't pass that exam they have to do another year of school and retake the exam. If they still don't pass they have to do another year of school untell they pass the exam.

Other Facts

-Continent- Eroupe

-Capital- Paris

-The Eiffel Tower was build in 1889 for the world fair

-France is one of the most visited countries in the world

-There are more pets in France then children

-When you're eating your hands should always be on the table (no elbows)