Google Presentations

Google Presentations

Google Presentations is Google's PowerPoint.

You will notice similar features to creating and sharing that you have experienced in Google Documents

Step by step

To Begin:
1. Click on Create/Select Presentations.
2. Go to File/Rename and name of your presentation.
3. Go to Format/Presentations Setting/Change Theme. (You can insert your own background in two ways: Format/Change Background/Change the color or select Choose File and Browse for a file on your desktop, pictures--whatever. If you want to apply the picture to all slides, select Apply background to All Slides.)
4. Add title and any other information on the first slide.
5. To insert another slide, go to Slide and click the plus sign for New Slide. Choose from the layouts you see. You can also delete or duplicate a slide under the slide tab.

To Show Your Presentation
Go to View/Start Presentation. The Escape key on your keyboard will take you out of Show mode.

Saving your Presentation
Save your presentation by clicking on the diskette above your slides. However, Google Presentations, like Docs, will automatically save every few seconds.

Sharing Your Presentation
Go to Share on the upper right of the screen. Choose Share and Add People in the field provided. Select anyone you want to share the document with. If you want them to be able to edit the presentation, make sure Can Edit is selected. If you leave the Notify people via email checked, the person will get an email that you have shared the document with them. You can also email what you have done as an attachment, but the person will not be able to collaborate on the document.


Create a Google Presentation. You can choose your own topic.

Your presentation should have a minimum of 3 slides.

Try and include an image and a suitable YouTube clip.