Cleanliness in Woodlands

Improving the cleanliness in Woodlands

Woodlands current improvement in terms of cleanliness

In Woodlands HDB estates, a recycling bin is provided in each block under the company of SembWaste. Recycled materials are collected thrice a week. Woodlands Private Lands Properties conduct weekly collection of recycling materials. Garden waste is collected twice a week.

Who can we help?

Residents staying in Woodlands, people from other parts of Singapore or other countries coming to stay in Woodlands. We can also help to make Sembcorp or other companies job easier.

What can we do to help Woodlands become a better place?

We can suggest placing recycling bins all around parks , under HDB blocks, condominiums, schools and even in hawker centers. They are also put outside some shopping malls and outside factories. The government or the National Environment Agency (NEA) should reduce the amount of rubbish bins and instead, let everyone use the recycling bins more often. Everyone should practice recycling, so that we will not run out of resources rapidly and there will be lesser rubbish to burn in the factories.

How can the residents of Woodlands help to make the neighbourhood a welcoming place

Woodland residents can play their part by helping to recycle their recyclable materials and volunteer for any cleaning up events carried out by the Community Centre.
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Why should we improve? Why is it important to know about the cleanliness?

The cleanliness in our neighbourhood is most essential. If our neighbourhood were to be unclean or unhygienic, wouldn't pests nest all over our neighbourhood and distract us from our usual daily lives?
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