SWPBS at Clear Creek Intermediate

You just may start a chain reaction, Rachel J. Scott


Conversation-are students allowed to speak to other students

Help-how do students get questions answered and/or teacher's attention

Activity-what is the expected end project of this activity?

Movement-can students get out of their seats during the activity?

Participation-how do students show they are participating?


Friends of Rachel and Safe School Ambassadors (ForSSA)

ForSSA is made up of 2 national programs that we have combined at CCI. Schools across the country have recognized that students are very influential with their peers. They are instrumental in establishing the emotional climate and shaping the behavioral norms on a school campus. Students also know what is going on behind the scenes in school; they often know who needs help, who is angry, and who is being left out. As a school, we want to maximize the students' power to help create a positive and caring school culture. The ForSSA program works to harness the power of positive student influence to make our campus a more safe and nurturing place.

School-Wide Discipline Committee