Ms.Arbaiza's PreK Newsletter

Care Elementary


As an educator, I have taken the liberty of creating a weekly newsletter for all of the parents and family members of my students. This newsletter is created to keep families up to date with all of the current happenings in our Prekindergarten curriculum and all of the school events that your loved one will participate in. This newsletter is created for YOU, so please feel free to let me know if you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding the structure and material included in this newsletter. I hope that you enjoy reading my newsletter as much as I enjoy creating it!

Math Curriculum

Our Prekindergarten students continue learning numbers this week! As an educator, it is my responsibility to make sure that your child meets the Texas essential knowledge and skills (TEKS) requirements for their grade. As PreK students, they must be able to identify the numbers 0-9 by the end of the school year.

I have introduced a new number everyday in our math lessons and I am glad to say that our students are catching on quickly! I have taught the students how to identify the numbers 0-4 in class by explaining the physical characteristics of each number. We began our week with the number 4 and will end Friday with the number 9. The students are learning fast but I would love for them to get some extra practice at home. If you find extra time to read with your child or help them with homework, just point to a one-digit number and ask if they can identify it. Any practice is better than none at all!

PreK Science

In our science unit this month, our students will be learning about the life cycle of plants. We will be planting a small community garden behind the school next Friday and I would love for all students and parents to participate! We will need volunteers to assist the children with digging holes in the garden and planting seeds. It would be greatly appreciated if parents could donate or lend some of their gardening supplies to the classroom for a day. I am also letting all parents know of our little project a week ahead of time so that they can prepare their children for a messy day at school. Children will most likely get their clothes dirty so please send them in clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty. The classroom has a few aprons that the children can use but there is not enough for everyone. Parents can send their children with a small bag of extra clothes that they can change into if they would like. If anyone has anyone questions or concerns regarding our community garden please give me a call or send me an email and I will be more than glad to help!

School Events

Spring Parade

Thursday, March 27th, 2:30-3:30pm

Care Elementary Houston, TX

Next Thursday marks the first day of spring. As an ongoing tradition, our school will be holding its 6th annual spring parade during the last hour of the school day. Our families have endured a very cold winter this year and we would love for all of our students to welcome spring by participating in the parade.

This year our PreK students will participate in the parade as sunflowers and ninja turtles. The students will have a choice in what they would like to dress up as, but if you have anything specific in mind for your child please let me know so that I can make arrangements for your child. Parents are also welcome to design a costume for their child although it is not required.

Parents are encouraged to come and view the children during the parade. The parade will conclude at the end of the school day and children will be offered refreshments and snacks donated by the PTA. If any parents would like to help make decorations or costumes please contact me as soon as possible.

Book Fair

Our annual book fair will take place this week starting Wednesday the 19th and will be ending on Friday the 21st. The book fair brings all kinds of different genres of literature to our school. Parents, children, relatives and staff will have a variety of books to choose from! Every classroom will have the opportunity to go to the library and have a first hand look at the new books. Our class is scheduled to go on Wednesday at 9 am. Parents are welcome to join the class during their scheduled time.

The book fair will also be hosting an array of children’s authors on Thursday night at 7 pm. Parents and children are encouraged to join us that night and will also have the opportunity to browse the book fair. The PTA will provide coffee and dessert for those who attend. If you would like to volunteer at the book fair or have any questions regarding the fair or the guest speakers feel free to contact me and I will be more than happy to address you concerns.