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Replenishing Supplies

We're in a unique situation this year where we can not have shared supplies. It would be extremely helpful for you to check your child's backpacks.

Things that we are noticing that many have but some don't are:

* Colored Pencils (preferred over markers)

* Pencils

* headphones

* scissors

* glue


From Mr. Loversky via Friday Forecast

Parents should not feel obligated to sign-up for conferences. If your child is doing well at school, both academically and socially, then you might choose not to have a conference. (It does not make you a bad parent not to sign-up for conferences!)

If your child is struggling, we would suggest that you do come to conferences! You might only feel the need to meet one or a few teachers. There is no obligation to meet every teacher.

If your child is doing well academically, there may not be a need for a conference. Teachers can always be reached via email.

Subject Updates - Language Arts

For the past few weeks in 6th grade Language Arts, we have been learning about mood and tone using some fun movie trailers and other activities! Students have also been solidifying their knowledge about nouns. Many teachers have had to reteach and/or slow down instruction to meet the needs of students learning how to use NoRedInk. We have also learned about all of the elements of setting and taken a quiz on those. Finally, students were asked to have a book read, and we have begun learning about summarizing. Students were instructed on how to summarize fiction and nonfiction texts, and we are now working on summarizing the books that were just finished. At this time, students need to find a new book to read.

Subject Updates - Math

End of Unit time!! We are wrapping up Unit 1 on Area and Surface Area. We will be practicing in person and asynchronously to practice unit 1 concepts. Math is all about doing! The best way to learn math is to practice math! The unit summative will be next week on Tuesday and Wednesday on student's in person learning day. This is the time for students to show what they know. Our next unit will focus on Introducing Ratios! It will be time to dig out Unit 2 workbooks at home and bring them to school. Students should be continuing to fill out planners to remind them of important information.

Subject Updates - Social Studies

This week we are wrapping up our introduction unit on the Neolithic Revolution. Students have completed Chapter 2.1 and Chapter 2.2 readings, notes, and processing activities. Students also have several resources from which to study for their upcoming assessment including their notes, chapter summaries, study guide, and Kahoot practice questions.

Our assessment will be on October 5th or October 6th (B and A days). All work for those units will need to be completed by that time, including any incomplete or late work.

Subject Updates - Science

In Science we are finishing up our in depth look at the human digestive system. Our first quiz will complete lessons 1 through 5. Continuing our unit on Body Systems, we move on to a thorough study of the nervous system. Students begin to explore how sense receptors respond to stimuli in blackworms. Students will be introduced to the concept of immediate behavior being a response to stimuli.

Fox River Helpers River Cleanup Group

Hi! I’m Callie Ramirez and I am a Wredling student! I grew up next to the Fox River and would visit it very often, it’s not until now that I have noticed all the garbage and debris in the river and animals getting caught in fishing lines. I think this is a problem that needs to be noticed and we need to take action! Do you love nature and care about the environment? This river clean up group will go to different areas of the Fox River once a month and clean up all the garbage that is either floating around or washed up onshore. This will not only help the wildlife in the river but you are also doing a good deed by volunteering your time and effort. It’s time for us to give back!

The first river meet will be October 10th at Fabyan Park in Batavia from 9:30-12:00(meet at the parking lot by the windmill)

What you will need:

  • Rainboots/other shoes that can get wet

  • Clothes you can get dirty

  • You can bring your own snacks (but small snacks will be provided)

  • A water bottle

  • Appropriate clothes for the weather

  • Face masks

  • Music/speaker if you wish to play music

  • Work gloves

  • A large garbage bag


To get a signup form email calmar2006@gmail.com


Many teachers have worked to help alleviate the amount of stuff in kids backpacks. Several kids are telling us that they just want to keep everything in their backpack. We've collected everything we're going to keep in the classroom at this point, so this might be a good time to go through your child's backpack and help them reduce the weight. Generally, kids will need a notebook for some of their classes, a folder for each class, their current math workbook, their planner, a book to read, and their Chromebook.


To help students remember to bring their IDs, we are asking students to put their IDs in their backpack at the end of 8th hour. That way, they know exactly where it is on their next in-person day.

Learning Logs and Agendas

Most teachers have made available to students a learning log or agenda slide. This is a comprehensive, running record of all the activities (both in person and asynchronous work) that students are completing. These documents are made available in Classroom and on the 6th grade Hub. Students can use this to verify the work that they are completing and/or access missing work from days they are absent from school.

GeoAdventure Club

Attention all 6th graders! GeoAventure Club is beginning this month! This club is for students who love to explore and have fun outdoors. It's a chance to get together with friends without screens and still be able to social distance. Each month a new adventure awaits you!

Don't worry if you can't attend all the dates, we are hoping you will join us if even just one event sounds interesting to you.

If you fill out the permission form below, you will get an email each month with details about the next event and a permission slip for that specific event. If you can make it, awesome! If not, no worries! We will hope to see you at the next event. Here is a list of events for the year with a permission slip link.....

GeoAdventure Club Meetings

- Wed, Oct 14, 4:30-5:45, Glenwood Park Forest Preserve, theme: River Study (maximum 30)

- Thur, Nov 19, 4:30-5:45, Creek Bend & LeRoy Oakes Forest Preserve, theme: Owl Hike & Owl Pellet Dissection (in Nature Center) – maximum 15 people (students + teachers)

- Sat, Jan 30, 10-11:30am, Johnson’s Mound Forest Preserve, theme: if snow – sledding & hot chocolate in cabin; if no snow – winter discovery hike and pine cone birdfeeder construction in cabin (maximum 30)

- Sat, Feb 20, 10-11:30am, Fabyan Forest Preserve theme: Fabyan history hike (including a trip through the ‘secret’ tunnel under Rt. 25 and into the grotto/old amphitheater) and (if snow) sledding (maximum 30)

- A Saturday in March: Creek Bend & LeRoy Oakes Forest Preserve, theme: Maple Sugaring event (if they do it this year), otherwise a personal Maple Sugaring hike TBD (maximum 30)

- Thur, Apr 15, 4:30-5:45, Jon J Duerr Forest Preserve, theme: Waterfall Hike (maximum 30)

- Sat, May 22, 9:30-11am, Grunwald Farms Forest Preserve, possibly kayaking or Discovery Hike and picnic lunch (maximum 30)


Questions, Concerns, Things You Want Us to Know??

This year, students will be challenged to grow in many ways and if they are willing to work hard, you will love the direction that this journey will take. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns or questions.

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