What is it?

Why do we need the skeletal system?

It provides support for our body, protection and movement

The roles of the different bones

  • Bones- support the movement of the body and protect the internal organs
  • Ligaments- the ligaments role is to hold the bones together
  • Muscles- muscles provide the body with the force to be able to move
  • Tendons- the tendons role is to connect the muscles with the bones
  • Nerves- provides the stimulus for muscle movement and co-ordinates the muscles

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2 common disorders

  • Osteoporosis- bones lose their integral strength, age hormone status and diet all play a vital role in osteoporosis. Bones become progressively weak and are prone to fractures with minor trauma. get calcium and exercise to avoid it.
  • Rickets- Rickets is caused from a severe deficiency of calcium, vitamin D and phosphate. Bones soften and become weak losing their normal shape. Bone pain, muscle cramps and skeletal deformities occur.