Satellite S'More Newsletter

November 30-December 4, 2015

Staff Information

Testing at Satellite

As of yesterday, testing is officially located at the Satellite Campus. I met with Clint and Jim yesterday, and Stacey and I met with Jim today as well. Based on the walkthrough conducted by Jim and myself yesterday, he has indicated the Math and Science classroom as the testing classroom. This way instruction will be able to continue in the English and Social Studies classroom (with teachers rotating depending on the session needs). As you are aware, the next set of SOL tests begins next week, which is a quick turn around. Stacey and I created the schedule today and this information will go home tomorrow with all students scheduled to take December SOLs. This information will replace the previously provided information, indicating the location as T.C. Main Campus. (See schedule below). Stacey and I are tag teaming SOLs until Keyona returns on December 17th. Stacey is building the test sections and will be the POC for testing. We just found out today, that we will have a retired teacher here to assist with SOL testing so that instruction is less impacted by the testing schedule. You may be asked to assist in directing students, reading of directions, proctoring SOL tests, or providing coverage for other proctors that need a quick break. I am, of course, happy to speak with any and all of you about this process.

Tuesday, December 8:

English Reading World History I World History II

Wednesday, December 9:

Geometry Earth Science

Thursday, December 10:

Algebra I Biology USVA History

Upcoming Dates

Dec. 2 & 3-Urban Alliance Meetings from 1:00-3:00 (Open Classroom)

Dec. 3-Stacy Morris (9th grade counselor) to Satellite to work with Seniors (Open Classroom) Please remind all seniors to bring their signed pink transcript form!

Dec. 8-11-SOL Testing in Math & Science Classroom

Student Information

Completed Coursework

Seniors Tati & Peyton have both finished all coursework and just need to pass the SOL tests scheduled for next week in order to be official graduates!