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FM9 Student-Led News Source-January 13, 2017

Holidays for Students

Mark your calendars with these special dates:

  • January 13: Early Release Today at 12:10pm
  • January 16: Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday on Monday - No School
  • January 17: Teacher Work Day on Tuesday - No School for students
  • January 18: 1st day of Spring Semester

New Semester Starts Wednesday

The FM9 counseling staff is diligently working to finalize all Spring Term schedules. Changes in the placement of courses and/or teachers on all students’ schedules may happen up until Tuesday, January 17th at 5:00 pm as the counselors work to balance classes in order to maintain the best academic environment for all students. Please log on to your Skyward account after 5:00 pm on Tuesday, January 17th to view your Spring Term schedule. This will be the schedule you will follow starting January 18th.

Jaguar Sports Calendar

January 13

  • 1:30pm - Lady Jags JV2 Soccer vs. Sachse @ Pearce B Field
  • 4pm - Lady Jags Varsity Soccer vs. Plano HS @ Colleyville Heritage HS
  • 4:30-8:30 - Lady Jags Basketball vs. Southlake Carroll @ Southlake Carroll
  • 4:30-8:30 - Jaguar Basketball vs. Southlake Carroll @ Southlake Carroll

January 14
  • 9am - Lady Jags Varsity Soccer v. Allen @ Colleyville Heritage HS
  • 2pm - Lady Jags JV2 Soccer vs. Little Elm @ Pearce B Field
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Friday the 13th

There are many theories on how Friday the 13th became so unlucky or haunted. One of the most common ones is that the number 13 has always been considered lucky. So when scary things started happening, particularly on Friday the 13th, people put two and two together. Some people have experiences themselves of the spookiness of this “haunted” day. Here are some stories from Friday the 13th from Esquire Magazine:

1. Black Cat Curse
On Friday the 13th, 1969, a black cat darted onto the field during a decisive late season matchup between the Cubs and the Mets, both jockeying to lead their division. As the story goes, the cat ignored the Mets and stared into the Cubs dugout for 10 seconds before disappearing. The Cubs crumbled after that game, losing 18 of their next 27 games and toppling from first place in the division. They didn't really shake that curse until last season—and then lost to the Mets in the playoffs.
2. Lightning Strikes
At 13:13 military time on Friday the 13th in 2010, a 13-year-old boy was allegedly struck by lightning in Suffolk, England. He survived with only a minor burn. And from that moment on, he had, hands down, the best party story of all time.
3.Plane crash, cannibalism, and an avalanche
On Friday, October 13, 1972, a plane full of Uruguayan rugby players crashed into the snowy Chilean mountains. Only 27 of the original 45 passengers survived. The bad luck continued: without supplies, the survivors had to eat their dead teammates. A few weeks later, an avalanche killed eight more. And the 16 remaining survivors were not rescued until the end of December. Horrifying.

Written by Jeni and Sydney