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Cruise Route

Starting from Earth, we will planet hop to the closest planet to the sun to see the sizzling planet of Mercury. After a brief 2 day trip circling the planet (observing the Caloris basin and other notable areas) we will then move onto Venus. At Venus we will enter the atmosphere and using our advanced technology aboard the Normandy SpaceCraft, we will spend 2 days observing Venus' many volcanoes, lava flows, and more! After 4 days viewing the planets and another 4 traveling between them we will stop and refuel at the International Space Station. After refueling and bringing aboard extra necessities we will make our way to the 4th planet in the solar system, Mars. After passing by the moon and 3 days of travel we will arrive at Mars. We will spend 1 day orbiting and viewing the planet from a low orbit and a full 2 days on the martian surface closely viewing Olympus Mons and other attractions on Mars. After, we will be traveling back to the lovely home planet of Earth. Universal Cruises would like to thank you for accompanying us on our trip through the inner solar system and hope to see you again on a future Universal Cruise!
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Buy tickets now for $12,500!


This cruise through space and the inner solar system is the most in depth tour of the terrestrial planets on the market. With in depth explanations and views of the planets and their features, any tourist will be sure to receive the full Universal Cruises experience. At an affordable cost of $12,500 for a standard ticket, that is $893 a day for travel, food, room and board, and the wonderful sights of Mercury, Venus, Mars, and the space in between! Join us today for a Universal Cruise!

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