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January 2019: Digital Wellness for SCPS Students

Cyberbullying & Digital Drama

Take a look at the following video and see if you relate to any of the people involved. Have you been the victim of cyberbullying? On the other hand, have you participated in bullying someone else from the “comfort” of your own keyboard? How did both situations make you feel? Could you have done anything differently?

What did Stacey do in her situation to prevent the bullying from escalating further? Who helped her when she reached out? Consider how you could also assist and play the part of an “upstander” in a similar situation where you or someone you know is being bullied.


What do upstanders do?

  • Stand up to the offender, when appropriate. If you see something negative, say something. Make it clear that you think online cruelty is wrong, and tell the offender to back off. (It may be easier to do this if you have good standing with the offender.)
  • Point out the bully’s motivation to the target. Comfort the target by explaining that many offenders act cruelly just to gain control, power, or status.
  • Help the target advocate. Help the target find friends and school leaders who can help deescalate the situation. It’s easier to stand up to cruelty when you are not alone.

End Cyberbullying! Be an Upstander!

Make it clear that you think online cruelty is wrong. Create a meme about how online cruelty is wrong and attach it to the Google Form linked below.

Entries will be presented in our next newsletter and every entry will win a prize. Stop by your ITRT’s office with any questions.

That's Not Cool

Check out the website below to discover ways that teens like you are stepping up and speaking out against negative relationships both online and offline. Discover resources to help you navigate difficult relationships and ways to reach out to teens and adults. Participate in the Social Hub to meet like minded, positive people.

Respect Effect App

Download the respect effect app on your phone and participate in small positive challenges to make a big difference in the lives of those around you. For more information, click here.

Big picture

Keyboard Courage

Function: noun

1. A quality or characteristic displayed by a person through the written word that this person would not ordinarily possess. 2. The confrontational attitude exhibited by someone via an anonymous entry to an Internet Web page or posting. 3. An attitude demonstrated by someone when they realize that actions taken by them or words written by them across a computer connection will have little, if any, personal repercussions. 4. A false bravery possessed by an individual who does not possess the true quality in person.

“I heard someone once say, social media friendships/relationships are some of the most artificial relationships folks have. I’ve come to understand and learn this lesson the hard way. So, yes, I have curbed my exposure to social media and only share what I think will inform, educate, and entertain my followers. I choose to live my life in truth and honesty, in love, and in forgiveness and acceptance. No one-two people are alike and that is what makes us amazing.

Let’s respect each other, even if it’s behind a screen and through the keyboard!”

Quick Tip: How to Easily Find Characters, Words, or Phrases on a Web Page or Document

To easily find characters, words, or phrases on a Web page or in a document, like Google Docs or Microsoft Word, use the Ctrl + F key sequence on your keyboard for Windows and Chromebook devices and Cmd + F on Mac devices.

When you press the key sequence a search bar will appear on your Web browser or in the document you have open. This will allow you to enter characters, words, or phrases to search for. The search feature will highlight all matching elements and allow you to scroll through the matching elements one at a time.

This quick tip is great for searching for your name in an activity or looking for a keywords when conducting research.