Chloe and the Kokoda Challenge

Chloe's Dramatic Recovery

Chloe's Story

Imagine, having a dream to one day become an olympian on the Australian swimming team, but then, it suddenly all changes. That is what happened to Chloe.

Chloe was very passionate about her swimming dream, but it all changed when her car crashed. She suffered severe injuries to her head, stomach and legs. The hospital said that she would have to stay there for at least 9-10 months so that she could recover. But she had the determination to prove the doctors wrong and managed to get out of there in only 3 months.

Later on, the hospital said to Chloe that some people were going on a walk in Papa New Guinea called the kokoda track to raise money for brain trawmer research and wondered if Chloe was up to the challenge.

Despite Chloe's injuries, she decided to do it. Even though the whole way through it she was in excrushiating pain, her and her dad managed to finish the 96km walk.