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Readers Are Leaders & Leaders Are Readers

The Desire Of Gold Is Not For Gold. It Is For The Means Of Freedom And Benefit.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

We Envision

Sharing Massive (Residual) Growth With People Globally To Create Autonomy Fast (the urge to direct ones own life - our noble dedication), Mastery (to become the best at something that matters - our noble passion) & Purpose (the yearning to do the impossible in the service of something larger than ourselves - our noble cause): Full Freedom In Money & Time Explodes Creativity To Be Who You Should Be.
Big Idea Mastermind Friends Is An Inspiring Interdependent Movement Of Independent Individual And Entrepreneurial Tribes To Spark A Clear Revolution Of Full Fun, Freedom & Fulfilment, Always Upgrading Our Culture And Making It Happen For Ordinary And Extra-Ordinary People Around The Globe. We Empower (Potential) Tribal Rainmakers To Do The Impossible (helping to create 100 millionaires a year), Over And Over, By Synchronizing Our Most Important Element - Culture - To Lead More Families Into Full Fun, Freedom & Fulfilment. Through Residual and Compounding Profit, Passion & Purpose We Are Building A Business While Having A Life Of Fun, Freedom & Fulfilment, Friends! ✈ Think Bigger ♥

"I love those who yearn for the impossible." Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe