Hercules was born from the king of gods zeus and Hera. Hera named him Hercules because she wanted to put her name in front of his to form Hera-Cules. Hera thought he could be nothing like he had no purpose in this world. She casted him down into the lives of mortals but he still had godly powers because of his heritage. He grew up to honor a king. The king sent him on twelve dangerous labors. After he completed the first 11 labors he had to do the 12. He had to enter the underworld and kill the three headed beast named Cerberus. He killed the beast and he took it back to the king. He was remembered all across Greece.

Family Tree

Hercules family tree is fairly small is fairly small. He has no brothers or sisters and `only two family members he has ever met. His father Zeus was very content with Hercules and was happy to have a kid with his sister Hera. Hera on the other hand did not find Hercules appealing, she casted him down to the mortal world. Hercules also has grandparents as well but they are both being held captive by order of zeus. The reason they are locked up is zeus's father Cronus



Q: Do you have any extraordinary powers?

A: Yes I have super strength and I was born immortal.

Q: Who are you parents?

A: My parents are Zeus, god of all gods and Hera, the queen of all god.

Q: What did you do when you were in the under world?

A: I had to fight with the three headed dog named Cerberus.

Q: Why did you have to do the 12 labors?

A: I was driven made by Hera and killed my family so I had to do the 12 labors.