Tourette Syndrome

Tourette syndrome is a disorder that compels to body to have repetitive movements and or abrupt and unwanted sounds called tics. tourette syndrome only occurs one in every 360 children ages 6 to 17 living in america, but once a child has tourettes they have 86% chance to get an additional mental virus.

Symptoms and Prognosis

Some symptoms that can come along with Tourette syndrome are ADHD, developed behavioral problems, anxiety problems, depression, down syndrome, learning disabilities and intellectual disabilities. On the side of getting rid of this mental illness is unfortunatly there is no cure, although there is treatment that is appointed to control tics that hinder you from doing every day functions. Sucn as dopain, botox, ADHD medications, adrenergic inhibitor, and behavioral therapy.
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People with tourette syndrome are very different from you and I they have to be very confident in themselves to go out in public or in situations where there is allot of people. So i think these people shouldn't be mad fun of or laughed at for little vocal or physical tics because they shouldn't be mad fun of for being brave and confident in themselves, cause that's something much easier said than done.


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