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Madden Mobile

This app is just like the Madden 16 game on console. For the console, you have to go online. But for the app, online is free so you can play with your own friends. This is a hard hitting game and a fast paced game. You can create break-away plays with new players and legendary players.Collect legendary players, so they can make your team a whole lot better. When you play, you can take control of the new wide receiver instead of being the half back. If you want to earn some extra coins, go to sets and go to upgrade and click on large quicksell. See all those trophies you need to buy, so go to season mode when you first start and win against your arch rivals so you can make some coin and trophies. Another thing you can do is go to head to head and complete one drive and score a touchdown, so you can earn some fans. If you earn enough fans, you can get achievements that allow you to get the 99 overall Odell Beckam, Jr. The 2nd to last mode is live events that you can earn acheivements, so you can compelete sets. The last mode is auction. If you have coins, you can buy players for a lot of coins, because it is hard to get players in sets.

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Ride Along 2

Are you into comedy and adventure movies? This is the movie for you. In 2014, I found nothing to laugh about in Ride Along, a chalk-and-cheese buddy/cop action comedy that became a money spinning hit. This inevitable sequel has already knocked Star Wars: The Force Awakens off the number one spot in the U.S.A. which is a slight improvement on its predecessor. Ride Along 2 finds Kevin Hart’s hyperactive rookie accompanying brother-in-law-to-be Ice Cube, as a streetwise detective to Florida. This is where Benjamin Bratt’s slimy businessman/gangster is awaiting an illegal shipment. As before, Hart and Cube’s abrasive sass is the only joke in town. Ken Jeong is dialing it down ever so slightly as the irksome techie AJ, and Olivia Munn almost saves the day as a no-nonsense detective named Maya. Do you think that Ben and James will take down the bad guys? Do think the warehouse will explode?

Ride Along 2 - In Theaters This January (TV Spot 1) (HD)

Steph Curry

Steph Curry is a unspeakable human being. He uses his jumpshot and dribbling skills to get by defenders. To make Steph Curry better, go to the Oracle Stadium to cheer the team on, so he can get better.

The process is simple. The fanclub is asking everyones support or go buy tickets on so you can go see the amazing Steph Curry. If you come to the game, you might be able to get an autogragh from him or you can get loud speakers, so he knows you’re into the game and that will make him better knowing his fans love him and want to see him do better. This project is called Go Warriors Go so they can win as many games as possible, so they can get to the playoffs and win a championship again like last season.

“I have never been to a Golden State Warriors game to see Steph Curry,” Dyvon said. But my dad said, “That he would save enough money, that he can go see the Oklahoma City Thunder games. You can spend some money on things but don’t spend that much on things,” he said.

On the first week of chores, I collected $100, my brother collected $50, so that meant that if I do $150$ of work, we would be able to collect $200, so we would be able to get a ticket in the way back row.

My cousin collected to $20 in one week, so we did some research on NBA tickets. To sit in the front row of the Golden State Warriors game, it might cost $2000 to $6000. For 25 seats in the front row, it would cost around $50,000 or more.

“I learned that it is not worth it to get in the front row because it might take me three months and I want to go in a couple weeks, so I rather sit in the back row. You can find out how to get tickets at or

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Humpty Dumpty

We just got a report that Humpty Dumpty just fell off a brick wall. O goodness, his egg pieces are all over the place and yellow egg yolk. The ambulance just came picking Humpty Dumptu up piece by piece. They just left. Wait, they're coming back, and they're picking up one more piece of shell. When at the hospital, they had to perform surgery and had to glue all his pieces together. After that, Humpty Dumpty had to stay in the hospital for two months to heal up. Just remember folks, do not sit on walls if they are slippery.

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