Take a Trip along the Neva river

There are so many things to see and do along the banks of the river Neva.Choose one of our many boat trips,explore the city from inside.While exploring you can discover all the splendor of our cathedrals and bridges.

Peter-and-Paul fortress .

This fortress was build to defend the newly born city.Inside the fortress you can see it's cathedral were beginning from Peter the Great all our emperors are buried.


Here,in the firs days of our city,military ships were build.On it's spire we can see the emblem of our city.

Wooden house of Peter the Great.

On the opposite bank of the river Neva you can see the Wooden house where Peret the Great lived.It is the first wooden house in Saint - Petersburg. It was build by captive Swedish soldiers out of wood during only three days.

Sammer palace of Peter the Great.

This palace stands in the Summer Garden.Peter and his family lived here only during summer days.
Also don't miss Dvorcoviy bridg at night.It is a draw bridg and is a very beautifull site at night with it burning lamps