The legendary Plummer

By Leo metz

my epic article

When you pick up this Article,you probably want to learn about Mario. Well,you will get to learn about Mario. while listening to my amazing personality blasted into this article by yours truly. So let's start! (Listening to my awesome personality,that is.)

in the 1980's


In the 1980,radar scope was released. Huge fail! Then, donkey kong was released. HUGE WIN! Using the Popeye love triangle,the game was a hit. I mean,that was the start of a character so big that it was more recognize the Mickey Mouse. Mario was named Jumpman in Japan. And the good old U.S of A came and said:"hey! The main character has to have a name!" (They never said that and that was what I thought they'd say.) but anyway,Mario was named after the landlord that had the first American shipment of Donkey kong. Then Mario... Sniff...

The Poor Baby Monkey!

In 1983, Mario was a villain. So sad! Yes, in donkey kong jr,Mario was a whip-wielding, baby monkey drowning villain. Sssssssssssssssssaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddddddddddd. Anyway,this was the last game that had Mario as a Carpender a person told Miyamoto that Mario looked like a.........................Plummer.

Turtles, Crabs And Fireflies!

Also in 1983, Mario bros was released. And, it was the first game with Luigi. Mario had to clear a sewer full of turtle/crab/firefly Infested sewers with or without Luigi. This was the first Mario game to have Mario as the protagonist. Dang, I need to take a break, my brain is so cramped! subtitle...........
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Me Eat Mushrooms. And Flowers

......I'm back. Super Mario bros. It was a great game. Super Mario bros 1985 was the greatest game of its time.the music and gameplay was super,and the side-scrolling technology would not be surpassed in many years. I ( the awesome person that wrote this) put a link to the first level of this game. Check it out! It was also the first appearance of the super mushroom,star,and fire flower. A clone flower?

Super Mario Bros 2 And Super Mario Bros 2

No, not a clone flower. And yes, Mario had two number 2's.Mario had to have a sequel. It had to happen. Miyamoto thought the game was to easy to some players. The sequel was a game that was truly a bad game. Poison mushrooms killed you on the first level! THE FIRST LEVEL! That isn't something that happens in a Mario game! The Americans would not take the game because it was to hard! what a fail for Nintendo! But it still sold in Japan. Oh. The U.S was so mad that they didn't get the Mario game in 1986 (the time the Japan one came out.) Miyamoto had to copy off another Nintendo game,Yume kōjō: doki doki panic. The U.S didn't know about the rip-off for about a decade. Then a REAL Mario game came out.
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Mario number 3 (epic)

In 1988,this game added many new things that appeared that would appear in almost EVERY Mario game from then on. Boos and thwomps, super leafs and koopalings. This game ROCKED graphics and design. I mean, it was a REAL Mario game not that dokí dokí panic rip off. The next game was a...

In the 1990s

world of fun

In 1990, super Mario world came out. Mario also rode a cute Dino that ate mushrooms and turtles. For the simpler folk, Mario rode on yoshi. The game was for the snes. This is the master's, Miyamoto's favorite game. Yoshi. Eat. Yoshi. Eat. Yoshi. Eat. But he doesn't poop?

(The last 2-d super Mario tilde in the 1990s)

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3-D Mario? Awesome!

Bask in it's wonderful awesomeness. Super Mario 64! In 1996 the game came out. The wonderful game that had the triple jump, ground pound and crouching. This wonderful game was wonderful!
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Why is this chapter so short?

A new age of Mario games came in 1990. Mario party,golf and kart were made. I only put in the super Mario games.



The second 3-d Mario game for the Nintendo GameCube. Yes, in 2002 super Mario sunshine came out. This game had the most in-game reference. That means that it hooked to other Mario games. It had the first 3-d voice acting.

In with the new

In 2006, the new SUPER MARIO BROS came out and it rocked! The first 2.5-d game in all the games. Mini games, co-op mode a mega mushroom! How more awesome could this game be? How more awesome could the games be?!

Out off this world awesome!

So awesome that Mario goes to space! In super Mario Galaxy, 2007. The cosmic 3-d game. The mega epic awesome wonderful great good and exquisite game! The super star spin! Epic.


Yes. Most Mario games are in stores now. And I won't white about something that you can buy. Keep jumping!
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