Winter Break

Brenden Villaruel


I like to take Pictures and with my parents getting me a quality camera, I have decided to try and start doing photography professionally as a means of income as well as my job at Pizza Hut. I enjoy researching history, preferably World War 2, and reading books of various genres. I love my horse, Remington and enjoy riding horses.

I live with my parents, dad retired from the Air Force 2 years ago where we moved to Missouri from California and now works for the Department of Labor. Mom does nursing and real estate. My horse, Remington is an appaloosa who is as stubborn and smarter than I am. Mom's horse, Nika is a thoroughbred retired racehorse, who is eager to please her rider. We now have 4 Dogs: Lily, a golden retriever, Nemo, a Pit-lab mix, Tundra a great pyrenees, and now Hope, a pitbull puppy.

I would like to do something in the Computer software field and will probably go to College at Oklahoma Christian University for Bachelors in Computer Science with Gaming and Animation.

I spent Christmas eve, making cookies with my girlfriend and hanging out with family. Christmas Day, I went to my girlfriends family's christmas then we went to mine and exchanged gifts. I did a few photoshoots for friends and family over the break.

I am from California, I went to Ray-Pec for a few years before spending my senior year at Belton. I have moved 10 times in the past 18 years.

Some Pictures