Mlearning- Apps in Classroom



This app acts as a music recorder, mixer, and looper. It allows students to record downloaded music or their own song with the additional function of allowing vocals to be layers over top the sound to create their own music or song.

I would have my class divided into groups where they would make different sounds or play different instruments. i would then be able to record and layer the different sounds using the app to create our own class song.

An additional way of using this app to enhance students learning in the classroom would be to slow down audio files for students with language barriers.

Using Audacity for ESL: Slowing Down Audio Files


Aniboom is an online animation studio that teachers and students can use to create their own animations by using videos, flash art and other media. This fun and easy to use tool offers a new and interactive way to engage students with the arts and digital media, while allowing them to share their work with peers and the community.

This tool could be used in the classroom to recreate stories or events by bringing them to life through digital media. This could be beneficial for supporting students who are visual learning and have a hard time grasping concepts and ideas through reading and writing alone.

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Brain Pop Jr.

This very popular website uses animation along with brief interactive games that allow students to learn about a very wide variety of topics. This easy to use website is specifically aimed towards K-3 with a lay out that is simple to navigate, age appropriate, applicable to all subject matter and of course fun for all students.

This tool could not only be used to help with student learning in the class room but also to practice their skills outside of it in engaging and enjoyable ways. Another useful function is the ability to allow teachers to lesson plan based on material provided.


This is a free web based tool aimed at improving the content value of math, reading and introductory computer skills in elementary school students. All the activities and useful computer games are educational and were either created or approved by certified teachers. A great web tool centered around enriching the learning experience of students in the classroom.

In my early grade level classroom, I would use this tool to introduce the subject of computers to students. This could be accomplished by demonstrating the basic skills needed to operate the devices for the purpose of practical learning while having fun doing so. The dance mat typing game is a great example of blending these two components successfully while teaching kids how to type.

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This free and exciting tool functions as a virtual space station by allowing students to explore our universe in three dimensions. This ultra interactive tool is perfect for students and teachers alike and would work wonderful as a resource in any classroom for learning and discussing space and the universe. Additionally, this tool could be immensely helpful in supporting the learning process for students who struggle with grasping big picture ideas or need additional visual aids to help grasp key concepts and ideas.
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