Hostile Takeover

It's possible to love something so much, you judge others.

The Impacts of:

The Crusades

The Crusades are a group of Christians who came together to fight for holy land. Pope Urban II asked the Christians to come together to help him fight for holy land. He asked them to do this because he represented Christianity and the holy land is the birthplace of their god. These people wanted to fight for holy land because they felt as if Jesus Christ was their savior. The Muslims were also involved and they helped fight in the crusades because they wanted a more safe place to practice their religion.

Our theme relates to The Crusades because Pope Urban II loved Jerusalem enough to fight for it back but, they loved Jerusalem so much that he judged the Muslims. In Two Sides in a Crusade, Pope Urban II wanted to gain control of Jerusalem after the Byzantine Emperor took control of holy land. So Pope Urban II decided to gain control back by gathering all the Christians to take up arms and get holy land back. For instance, Pope Urban II said, " Although, O sons of God, you have promised more firmly than ever to keep the peace among yourselves and to preserve the rights of the church, there remains still an important work for you to do. . . ." The impact the Crusades have on the modern world today is that they're still fighting for Holy land. People still have different religions.

Police Brutality on the Modern World

Police brutality is like officers using unnecessary force used against citizens. I don't like police brutality. I think that it gives police more permission to beat on people especially if there's no need to use force. The impact of police brutality on the modern world make citizens hate the police even more. Police Brutality and The Crusades can share the same theme we have. In The Crusades Pope Urban judged Muslims because he loved Christians. Policemen loved their culture so much they judged African American culture.

Common Themes between Crusades and Police Brutality

Being that The Crusades were all about religion and about which religion could beat the other, they have some common themes with police brutality. Police brutality is something that should not be taken lightly, but in some ways it relates to The Crusades. During The Crusades era, many cared a lot about their religion and the religion that surrounded people lives daily and many wanted to protect the areas where their Gods roamed around when they were alive. This sounds a lot like the police and how they want to protect their community/family. Only difference is, police brutality gives them more of a reason to beat on people, when there is no need for force unlike The Crusades doing everything that they did for a reason.

The real History of the Crusades

Clink this link here and you will see a article on The Real History of the Crusades.


The Muslims during The Crusades were divided by religious and political factions, or subgroups. This division, between the Sunni and Shiites occurred soon after the death of the Prophet Muhammad, in the year 632. The debate over succession is what split the community, with some arguing that leadership should be awarded to qualified individuals and others insisting that the only legitimate ruler must come from Muhammad's bloodline. The impact that the division between the Sunni and Shiites has on the modern world is less religious than it used to be but more political. In Iraq today, this conflict is spreading and intensifying more and more every day.