Teaching & Learning Update

December 2015

District Leadership Team

What is data?

  • Data is information, facts, and statistics collected together for reference or analysis.

  • Data from multiple sources enrich decisions about professional learning that leads to increased results for every student.

ILT Survey Data Districtwide Findings

All Instructional Leadership Teams (ILTs) took a survey to gauge if the conditions necessary for the effective implementation of collaborative structures are in place with their teams. The following are some of the data from the surveys and identified supports from the Teaching and Learning Team which can work toward improving those conditions.
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ILT Supports and links

“If your school is not there yet with data, where can you begin?”

Retooling your agenda might be a good first start. Here are some sample agendas that include components from the ILT survey to consider:

The process of ILT analyzing data is intended to be used for school improvement purposes to adjust plan and instruction toward meeting school improvement goals. To get started you might ask:
  • What data do you have to look at?
  • What is the question you are trying to answer with the data?
  • How does the data show what the student knows?
  • How does the data inform our adult practice?

Some possible data to look at could be: walkthrough, attendance, evaluations from professional development, behavior, student work across grade levels, formative & summative assessment, etc.

Some links to articles about data and the school improvement process can be found here:

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