e-safty what you can do

for teachers and family

teachers and family

teachers must teach kids to be careful of course you cant stop them but they must be at least to be taught to be cautions and to use it with out giving away information all way but don't tell them to be paranoid because the world is not made up of people that will hurt that's just a small percentage that's what this flyer will be talking about and also what the family can do to help
this is what can happen

while watching make yourself wonder can that happen to you!


they must first do e-safety in there own schools to protect students lock passwords and stop estorior users from getting in but to really ensure that they are safe is to teach them to protect them selves online and how to teach them to report abuse and lock passwords and keep settings to friends and make sure your friends settings are ok if they are taught that then they can protect themselvs


this means everybody at home has to be honest and to tell each others problems so they can sort it out and not hide and think that you will embarrassed just be open with them.also try to protect the houses and peoples details that are in it if you are the parent also the brothers and sisters can watch out for each other by watching if one is acting strange

the draw backs

the problem is that now you will have less freedom on the internet that's why you cant go overboard with it also it makes people scared and hostile to strangers.family is quite weakened because they cant trust each other but that's better than people to steal private information

your computer

but the children themselvs need to go out and do it for themselvs change your settings so only freinds can see it but teachers and parents will have to remind them