Twenty and Ten

By: Claire Huchet Bishop


A man comes up to the orphanage and asks if they will let some Jewish kids stay with them. They let the kids stay with them, and then the person who takes care of them all has to leave for the town to see if they have any care packages. When she leaves out of nowhere two German soldiers come and try and find out if they are sheltering and Jews. The kids have to try and keep the secret or else the soldiers will take the Jews away.


The Theme

I think it is kindness; first they let the Jewish kids stay with them. Also, they feed and share their food with the newcomers. Second, they protected the Jews by putting them in a cave so German soldiers would not find them. They even gave them their own blankets and bread when they were in the cave.


The Explanation

One example is that they used when the Germans came looking for all the Jewish kids in hiding. Also, when the man that came and asked if they would let the Jewish kids he had stay with them. People were desperate during these times to stay alive. And lastly, when the German soldiers questioned the kids and took one boy out and tried to get him to talk be none of the kids would ever make a peep.

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