The Time of Gold!With Riley!

Remember the time of the gold rush?

The Gold Rush

It started all in 1849 when James Marshall found gold.(He was actually building a saw mill for John sutter.)The word spread quickly.People started coming from all around the word just to get gold!They even left their Family just to find gold and i think that is super crazy!They think that they will be rich if they find just one piece of gold.Imagine you being in that situation!You might think that it will be crazy but some people might die from yellow fever.They might also have small pox from cows and other animals.It was so wierd how people got the small pox.

You are There

You find out that there is gold in your area and you want to mine for it.You also find out that you are the only person in your family that can go and mine for gold.But you do not want to leave your family but if you want to mine for gold you have to leave your family. You finally decide to leave and start on your journey.In 2 days you meet a wagon train that is passing by and you ask for some water and food.But they say no and you say that you have gon 2 days and gone without food and water so you would like to at least 1 little thing of food and a little thing of water. They say yes and you thank them very much and continue on your journey again.You finally find gold and begin your journey back home.You discover that there is gold near where you are and you want to mine it.Actually there is no gold so you just keep on heading home. “No luck :(.”You say to yourself.


Why did people want to find gold?

What kind of fever did people get?

Who was the first person to find gold?

Were people leaving their family just to find gold?





Super info!

There was so many people that were hunting for gold that the place that the people were super crowded and the people were smooshed together and they were being rude to each other by saying mean words.


1.Because they wanted to be rich

2.Yellow Fever

3.James Marshall



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