Gladiator Fight!

Friday, March 13 @ the Roman Colosseum, 6:30 pm.

Come see a vicious fight between two undefeated gladiators!

The fight is between the two mighty gladiators, Gulla and Carbo, who both have many talents ands skills when it comes to fighting. Both are undefeated, although Carbo has won 3 more battles than Gulla. Carbo:9, Gulla:6. It's only $4 to attend and food like bread and fruit will be available to anybody who comes to watch. Gulla is a Mirmillones fighter, while Carbo is Hoplomachi gladiator. Come out and witness the biggest fight of the century!

Carbo vs. Gulla

Friday, March 13th, 6:30-8:30pm

1 Piazza del Colosseo

Roma, Lazio

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