The Roaring twenties

When Everything is Roaring

The Roaring Twenties

The Roaring twenties was an economic boom period that had a positive effect on the daily lives of many (but not all Americans). New technologies such as the automobiles, airplanes ,radios, and new appliances improved peoples' lives. However, some such as sharecroppers, farmers, and underpaid factory workers were not able to enjoy this rising standard of living.


Three effects of prohibition are:

  • Wood alcohol
  • Bootlegger
  • Speakeasy

The 19th Amendment

The 19th Amendment was passed in1920 giving all women the right to vote. It was a result of the contributions women made during the Great War.

The Harlem Renaissance

3 messages African Americans wanted to say what there life was like,their culture, and how they live.( Renaissance meens reborn.)

Gugliemo Marconi

He invented the radio for boats.
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Mass media

Mass media helped businesses it made people want to buy there products.

The radio

The radio created a culture by making people talk about the thing they heard.