June 1 Edition

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Who's ready to #FINDTHEFUN??

Happy June 1st, Team Lapis!

I don't know about you but I am excited for June! It is brand new month full of possibilities. But right now, we are making it all about FUN!

Our focus for June is FUN and there are lots of things coming your way that will help you #findthefun in your summer and in your business.

Here's our first FUN activity. I want to know is what do you LOVE about summer? What makes summer FUN for you? It can be ANYTHING, I just want to know what you love most about summer.

Hop on over to our Team Lapis Facebook page and start sharing! it can be a word, a photo, a story--ANYTHING! Share away and let's #findthefun!

PS- There will of course, be a FUN giveaway so don't miss out!

Stay tuned for more FUN this week!



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