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Fall Center piece

This design is the base for our ideas for this years Fall Council, this design will ultimately cost $40 a centerpiece and will take three days to complete each centerpiece.

Concept of design

We came up with this design by going through multiple factors first of all functionality.

~This peace can be reused in other events, this is not just a fall center peace you can use it in other board meetings or council meetings.

My partner Alexis, Was the designer for this concept.

Page made by: Shelbie K. Bell


I'm a Junior at Crowley High School

This is my first Floral design project

My Co-Founder is:

Alexis a.k.a. (Designer)


I'm a Junior at North Crowley High School

These are some of the designs i have come up with over my period of Floral Design


Shelbie K. Belll