The Radio Pampalet

By: Jadyn Fleming, Sahir Whitaker, Marco Tinoco

When, Where, and Who made the Radio?

The development of the radio began in 1893 and at first it was wireless. Its main use back then was communication overseas (not the way we normally use it today). Nikola Tesia and Guglielmo Marconi went head to head in the making of the radio, but in 1986 Mr. Marconi was awarded the official patent for the radio by the British Government. On the other hand in 1920 the Westinghouse Company was the first officially licensed radio station. The station was called KDKA and was in Pittsburgh PA.

How does it work?

"Radio waves" transfers music, conversations, pictures and data invisibly through the air sending over millions of miles.

The Radio can be used for....

Pros and Cons

Other than that....

The radio is used for either machine to people and people to people (in my opinion it can be used by people to machine and people too)