Music City 2015

Ali, Elise, Emma, & Kelsey take Nashville!

We're strong women! We've got a little Miranda & Carrie, and a little Thelma & Louise in our blood! It's time for the girl's road trip of a lifetime!
Miranda Lambert - Somethin' Bad ft. Carrie Underwood
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Ladies - load your guns and get yo' money out the mattress!
The trip is about 1500 miles round trip. I estimated $4.00 per gallon at 15 miles per gallon just to estimate high, which came to about $400 total for gas.

We could leave Wednesday, March 18th after everyone is off work, and drive 4-5 hours. This would get us about halfway to Nashville. We could stop for the night and get a motel room. I have a AAA membership so that can get us small discounts at quite a few motels. Thursday morning we could drive the rest of the way and arrive in Nashville by early afternoon.
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Obviously, Justin will greet us when we arrive and be our personal tour guide of Nashville.


The following are ideas for things that might be fun to do or visit in Nashville!
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Country Music Hall of Fame
Tickets $25
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The Ryman Auditorium
$15 Self-Guided Tour
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The Grand Ole Opry
*Features a video tour by Blake Shelton - $20
If someone happens to be performing at night that we want to see, tickets range from $38-$68
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Homes of the Stars Tour
$49 - 3 1/2 hour bus tour around Nashville getting glimpses of country stars homes
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Music City Walk of Fame
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Downtown Nashville
Get yer' dancin' boots on!
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It would be nice to stay in downtown Nashville so that we could walk back from the bars at night, but downtown hotels are expensive.

This is the Hampton Inn & Suites Nashville Downtown. It's 3-4 big city blocks from the bars. Cost per night for 1 room with 4 adults (two queen beds): $319.

We could stay in Nashville Thursday night through Saturday night, and drive home to Iowa Sunday.
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We'll make memories that will make Miranda Lambert proud! She will probably even write a song about us!!! #gunpowder&lead