i will fly on a plane , when i get there i will drive my dodge challenger when i get to atlantis.

the flight will take 3 hours from houston.

the miles is 1147.5.

i will stay for 2 weeks

activities in the bahamas

some of the activites in the Bahamas are swiming with dolphins,stingrays and sharks.

you can go fishing with friends or family.

and you can go jet skiing with friends and family

and so much more things to do with friends

where the bahamas is located

the Bahamas is located on the atlantic island in alantis on the atlantic ocean.


i will stay in harbor breeze villas

it will cost 2450$ for 2 weeks

why i want to go

i love swimming

and i get to swim with turtles dolphins and sharks

my mom always wanted to go so im gonna take her to


i will eat on the beach with my signicant other kids and mom of course

i will pay for it to so that will be like 150$

cost of trip

i will spend 2265$on flight

2450$on hotel

200$on gasi will spend 546

550$on food

activites are free