My Canadian Teen Culture

James Irwin

About me

I was born in Barrie Ontario Canada. I am 14 years old and I have a brother named Drake who is 4 months old. Some things I like to do is play hockey, play xbox, play on my iPad, hangout with my friends and play with my brother. I love hockey, I love playing it and watching it. My favourite team are the Toronto Maple Leafs. My favourite food to eat are tacos.


Something I use everyday is my phone. I use it everyday to text my friends/family, I use it for social media and to play games when i get bored. When I text I usually use slang language like Lol and brb. Everyone has a favorite brand of clothes that they like to buy, mine is Diamond supply. I like them because they have nice shirt and there designs are cool looking. I also have a cat that I love alot, his name is chip. I got him and his brother when they were 4 weeks old. His brother Scrapper died last year from a car but chip is still alive today. Chip is a orange cat, he loves to play out side and he loves to cuddle.


I speak english and only english, so far. The rest of my family speaks english as well. Me and my whole family were born in North America. Mostly in Canada but a couple for United states. Everyone that i have met in my family speaks english, none of them seem to speak any other language at all.

Proud to be a Canadian

I am proud to say I am Canadian. Theres no where else i would live other than canada. I love canada because there are great people, there are beutiful places like Newfoundland and BC. Canada has some really good athlets as well, like hockey players. In the olympics the always to very well. My favourite moment is when Crosby scored the winning goal in the 2010 olympics against usa in overtime.
Sidney Crosby's Golden Goal awesome!!!!!!!!!!!