Father Miguel Hidalgo

he wanted freedom for mexico

what he did

he tried to save mexico but he got exicuted.Allende to Hidalgo.  31 Aug 1810.  Sn. Cura Dn. Migl. Hidalgo y Costilla.  Sn. Mign. el Gre. Ago. 31/810.  Esteemed Senor Cura:   I arrived from Queretaro and have not been able to write to you because I found no messenger in whom I had confidence.  On the 13th instant the anniversary of the conquest of Megico it was arranged that there would be public celebrations [in Queretaro] which lasted three days and we [Allende and Aldama], without paying any attention to them, went to the home of the Gonzalez family, where many important matters were discussed.

why is father hidalgo so important

it said that he gave a serious speech to the people and that he begged and begged for freedom but they did not get freedom insdead he got.......... exicuted (hung)!!! he did not have a son nor a daughter, he did not even have a wife. but he did inspire millions and millions of mexicans. and that was how the Treaty of hidalgo was made