Digital Citizenship

Sydney D.

Password Protection

Strong password mean it could safe your life from hackers.

Change your password every 6 months so you don't get hacked.

Do good password so not even you friend could get on it or now it.

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It is show me how hard it is when I though it was easy to do

To what to answer unless it is emergency at you need to answer

It is easier to answer your phone later when you're in the middle of doing something else

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Mix and Mash

To not take some one else work

Change it in to your words

Be a good person on the internet and don't copy

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Search Shark

To be smart on what you search on the internet

Watch out for what you put up

Don’t put thing you want other people seeing

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What to do when some one posts something u don’t want them to

Think before you speck

To not post something that someone said not to even really want to

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Share Jumper

Don’t put personal info on wed sites

To ask people before put stuff on there of them

To not put thing on there like your first name on there or your dogs name or security code

Don’t put your favorite thing as your password and do something some would never guess

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The end

Thank you