The Boy Who Saved Basball

By Abby Baartman


What I have learned was you really have to depend on yourself and not on the best player out there!


My favorite character is Tom because he was very shy in the begining of the story. He never really stood out until the middle of the story when Cruz De La Cruz comes riding in from the east. I love how he changed from the begining of the story to being shy to the middle of the sory to being bold and standing out! Tom is like my cousin carter. He can be very shy at some times and very bold at sometimes!

How Tom changed

Tom changed from in the beining of the book he never stood out and he was very shy. Now in the middle of the book when Cruz De La Cruz came riding in from the east he talked to him a lot and wasnt afraid of talking to anyone. He was very bold and now he really stood out! IT was amazing how he changed so fast!

The most exciting part in the book!

The most exciting part in the book was when Tom opened his dream sketcher and found what Doc wrote. It said that Tom got to keep the land so that the mayor did not take the land and destroy it into and new land. Tom and his parents were very excited because for one, the team worked very hard to win the baseball game and for two, they loved Docs land just the way its was!

My hero!

Nathon Pottratz is my hero because he is in the national gaurds. He fights for our country and I respect him for that! He is my uncle and I love him!!