Staff Weekly

Published September 29, 2019

Goodie Table

Goodie Table Day

We're having a Goodie Table Day on Friday. Bring you favorite snacks/lunch items/food to the office by lunchtime so we can graze. I'll keep my office open so teams can eat together if you'd like.

This Week's Meetings

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Science PLC is after school Tuesday. We're setting norms and goals.

Team leader meeting on Wednesday after school.

Academic Assessment Data

  • We have Star data (benchmarks) we will collect in August and April.
  • We will have CASE data (mid-year checkpoints) we will collect in October, December, and March.
  • We have CERT data (8th grade ACT benchmarks) we will collect in September and February.
  • We have your classroom formative and summative assessments all year long.

We have a LOT of ways to determine student progress. If you need help interpreting these scores and using the data to plan instruction, this is and will be a ongoing part of our PLC work. If you need individualized help, please see Stacie or Erika and we'll help you out.

Staff Theoretical Spirit Week Preview (NEXT WEEK--October 7-10)

Another twist on a spirit week is on tap for next week.

Monday: Theoretically, if it was St. Patrick's Day today, what would you wear?

Tuesday: Theoretically, if you were going to be in a 4th of July parade on a float, what would you wear?

Wednesday: Theoretically, if you were going to a Christmas party tonight, what would you wear?

Thursday: Theoretically, if you were going to a country music concert tonight, what would you wear?

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