QikRes Web Booking Engine

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Hospitality Is Not a Destination But a Journey

A Revolutionary Technology designed to help hoteliers stay ahead of competition, refine customer booking experience through seamless system integration.

*Fully customizabe *Simple *Quick Implementation *Minimum Operation Maintenance*

Make a Winning Difference in Your Guest Services

Next Generation Booking Engine

Designed For the Hospitality Industry

UbiQ Global Solution Sdn. Bhd.

Ubicomp System focuses on developing next generation hospitality solutions incorporating the latest development in ubiquitous computing in various forms. This core belief, as reflected in the name of the company, is derived from these two words, Ubiquitous and computing.

UbiQ Global Solutions is a full subsidiary and distribution arm of Ubicomp System. The company represents key niche solutions which are unique and incorporating the latest technologies for the benefit of the users. The solutions will be matched to provide total seamless integrated systems, eliminating the need for multiple operations within the same organization to gather the required data for proper analysis and decision making.